Welcome to B2M Enterprises Adult Education Series on Wealth Building: Option Trading in the STOCK MARKET

Our Goal is Simple: With this first series of instructions, we want to educate a community about an Institution that has been around for years making a lot of people a lot of money but, many suffer for the lack of knowledge. B2M Enterprises would like to change that by providing some Education that will increase ones chances of success.
Who will teach the classes: All of our Instructors are current Market Traders and will be teaching from a current knowledge base and their winning practical experiences.
What we are asking of the Instructors: We have asked our Instructors to Teach , Train and Model techniques that has earned and is earning them thousands of dollars. By no means are we suggesting this is the only way to be successful in the Market but, it is ONE way to get started and to earn while you learn.

What  will students learn: Our Instructors will share with the students needed market terms, other useful websites , how to read charts and graphs that track stock movement,  the power of options and option trading, the difference between stock trading and option trading, how to read an option chain, practical examples of live trades, better times to trade, what is a Bull Market, what is a Bear Market, how does the news effect the market and stocks, calculating a stock’s movement, determining a Stock’s Support and Resistance,  how to buy options contracts, how to sell option contracts, the instructors will share their most winning techniques, in a nut shell how they are making money and much more….

What we require from Students:  There are no prerequisites for this course but you must pay good attention during the class.  Please schedule the time for instruction and do not allow others to disrespect your time to learn.  Students are required to take notes as Course Materials are considered personal property of the Instructor and are not shared.  10 minute breaks will be given each hour so please plan accordingly.

Disclaimer: All of the information that will be shared in this class is for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY.  No student is in no way compelled to implement any of it and does so at their own risk.  The instructors are not Financial Counselors, Stock Brokers, Lawyers, etc. just educators. B2M Enterprises nor our Instructors are responsible for any actions done by the students at NO TIME.